Slack Integration

Simpoco is a next generation community platform. We integrate with all of the community channels, consolidate personal and general data and use a BI management layer to provide actionable insights. SImpoco increases businesses ROI, by optimizing data collection and sale cycle processes.

What this Slack app is all about?

We understand that Slack is one of the strongest platform to manage communities, especially when it comes to SaaS companies - and that what this app is. all about. By installing Simpoco, you will be able get important insight about your Slack community activity - engagement, content analysis and much more. 

How can I install Simpoco app?

Great question! You can easily install this app once you are a subscribed user on Simpoco platform. On Simpoco homepage > Add new data source > Slack - You are good to go!

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What can I do with Simpoco app?
  • Extract my subscribers and integrate this data with other community channels.

  • Gain important insights about the content in my Slack community.

  • Get notification from Simpoco to your preferred Slack channel.

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