Simpoco is redefining customer engagement on Social Media

We turn cross channel endless SM feeds into an easy to use collaborative task boards. 

By using AI, emotion detection and automated workflows, we provide a NO CODE interface that is SImple, Easy and beautiful.





Johanna Doe


Attended an event

Requested a demo

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Existing engagement systems like Zendesk were originally built around a linear customer experience like emails, phones, and text.


The way customers interact with brands today resembles an exponential model, with various SM and communication channels, and endless feeds and threads.


Most brands today are less prepared for this new model of customer engagement at scale and pay a heavy price for it.

The increase in customer communication channels creates many challenges. These challenges have a negative impact on a brand's ability to interact with its customers on social media. 

Non-responsive brands on SM risk losing customers, damaging retention rates, and missing out on valuable customer feedback. 

By using AI, emotion detection, and automated workflows, we provide a NO CODE interface that is Simple, Easy, and beautiful.

We believe in

Better communities

Better communities create better businesses.


The world around us is constantly changing, so should we.


If it ain’t simple, it ain’t gonna happen! 


We always push forward to become the better version of ourselves. 


Effective and healthy decision making is always supported by data.


God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

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